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Don't click any of the links before the stream is active you, will get an error / Register / Login message. So don't jump the gun And once again there is no need to register if you don't want to


On the Downloads page there is a notepad version of the playlist that you can download and save to your device. This will be updated at the start / end of each month so it will generally be more or less up to date.


We are now exclusively on Discord. For those of you who have a login for it. And if you haven't got one - why not? Anyway here's the code for those that do - https://discord.gg/78DDU9S - In theory it shouldn't expire so just copy and paste it in to the 'join a server' box and you're in or just click the link if you don't have it and it'll open up in a new tab or window


The Scores So Far .... As Of 03/08/19

Freya - 30.5 points
SuzyQ - 24 Points
Stevo - 22 points
Fruitn - 21 Points
Indy - 14 Points
Skycvg - 10.5 points
Moodles Angel - 10 Points
LDJ - 6 points
Andy - 4 points
Outlaw - 4 Points
Aud - 2 Points
Geordie - 1 Point
Lizarrrrd - 1 Point
SuzukiC - 1 Point

Quiz Bitz

As usual this is an ongoing competition throughout the year, and there will be one question each Saturday evening at around 21:30 UK time.

It is very likely that there may be more than one possible answer to the question I ask but that doesn't change the fact that the one I have in front of me is the only one I will accept as being the right one.

Your answer has to be in the following format - @optical 'your answer here'
This is so it gets highlighted and stands out from the rest of the conversation that may be taking place in the room

You'll get four chances to answer, once during each song that gets played during the quiz. The songs / artists will NOT neccessarily have anything to do with the question unless I say they do

There will be points for everyone who gets the answer right. However getting the answer right 42 times won't give you any more points than getting it right once
1st person with the right answer gets the most points, last person will get 1 point ... Simplez innit

One final thing - Do not answer before you see the question appear in the channel as this will result in your answer being treated with utter contempt and you will be publically ridiculed live on air for 'being a bit premature' :D ... Have fun peoplez and good luck :)