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As we all know my old PC went a little bit pear shaped and I really couldn't be bothered building a new one from scratch. As a result I went out and bought one.

That did bring it's own issues, for example none of my software would work. After playing around with different settings etc I did manage to get everything working ... ish, after a fashion ... sort of

One  of the longest standing issues was of course the mic which only seemed to work on 1 (the left) channel. This has now been rectified so hopefully people like Ci, Taelis and any number of other people can finally stop moaning about that

I dare say that they'll find something else to moan about soon enough though.

The Friday show is now official, starting an hour later at 9PM UK time and as usual ending when I'm too drunk to carry on. Right, that's it for now till the next update